In college my dream was to work overseas with children who were "underprivileged." I didn't know exactly what that would look like, but wanted to use my degree in elementary education in some way. God kept opening doors for me to go to Haiti, and in the fall of 2005, I moved to the city of Cap-Haiten to work with Kids Alive International as a short-term missionary. For the first year of my term, I focused on learning the language, writing math and science curriculum, teaching English and art classes, and modeling math lessons to the Haitian teachers. My second year I had my own classroom and taught kindergarten. I also did art class for grades 1-4 and had cooking lessons with the kids after school. I went to Haiti thinking I would see change right away. Oh how much I had to learn! I also went with the mindset that I was the one who had something to offer, but I came to realize that the Haitian people, especially the children I worked with, had quite a bit to give me. Even though I am back in the United States now, Haiti is still close to my heart. It always will be.